Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful...

All scripture references, unless otherwise noted, are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.
     ...Jesus is to me
     Counsellor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God is He.
     Saving me, keeping me, from all sin and shame,
     Wonderful is my Redeemer Praise His name. 

I  received a phone call the other day from one of my daughters who told me that her son, my grandson, had been giving a Bible study to a young lady, a fellow employee where he worked, and prayed her through to the Holy Ghost. She was later baptized in Jesus name "for the remission of sins," according to Acts 2:38. It thrills my soul that God is still drawing people to Himself. Makes me want to sing that old chorus;

     Isn't He Wonderful, Wonderful Wonderful,
     Isn't Jesus my Lord Wonderful!
     Eyes not seen ears not heard
     What's recorded in God's Word,
     Isn't Jesus my Lord Wonderful!

No question about it, when someone finds the Lord Jesus for themselves, they find Him Wonderful! If you have never found the Lord Jesus to be wonderful to you, why don't you repent of your sins today. Find someone who will baptize you in the precious name of the Lord Jesus, "for the remission of sins," and be filled with the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost, just like those on "the Day of Pentecost." (See Acts 2:4, 2:38 and 1st Peter 3:21)

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