Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Have A Song That Jesus Gave Me...

     It was sent from heav'n above.
     There never was a sweeter melody,
     Tis the melody of love. 
     In my heart there rings a melody
     There rings a melody with Heaven's harmony;
     In my heart there rings a melody. 
     There rings a melody of love. 

Oh how I love those older songs. This song was written in 1924 by one Elton Roth. I don't know who he was but I sure do like the song because it expresses my heart. You can get all the words at, As I looked at the web-site I couldn't help but note another old favorite, "It Is Well With My Soul," by Horatio Spafford, written in 1873. I read the words and was blessed. 

Perhaps you have never heard the words or the music to these songs and ones like them. I encourage you to check out the web-site, or similar ones. You might just find some of the older songs more enriching to your soul than some of the more modern music. 

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